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Michael Legnér
LDA-9 Hypostomus mutucae "Golden-black-spot"
LDA-9 pictures
Have only seen this for sale once --- and I bought it. It was too beautiful to resist! Shy for some time but after a few months it feeds at the front glass and is not that easily scared away.
LDA-31 Panaqolus albomaculatus "Orange"
LDA-31 pictures
LDA-33 Baryancistrus sp. "Big white spot pleco" aka "Snowball pleco"
LDA-33 pictures
L-092 (L-194) Lasiancistrus sp. "Venezuela-ancistrus"
L-092 (L-194) pictures
I have two of these. Bought them at an auction and have never seen them in a store. I don't know wether they are male or female.
L-148 Chaestostoma sp. "Total-spotted"
L-148 pictures
L-168 Zonancistrus pulcher "Brazil-butterfly"
L-168 pictures
L-183a Ancistrus sp. "White-seam ancistrus"
L-183a pictures
I am not completely sure if the fish I have is a L59, L183 or L183a. This far I have only one and I think it is a female. One of the pictures just shows a tail, but I like it. The green algae adds to the colors of the wood, tail and white seam.
L-204 Panaqolus sp. "Flash pleco"
L-204 pictures
L-260 Hypancistrus sp. "Queen Arabesque pleco"
L-260 pictures
I sold three of them when I closed aquarium #2, but I still have two that I moved to aquarium #1. The sixth one died on December 8th 2002 (reason: low oxygen level).